Psalm 104:1-4; 24-35

1. Praise the LORD, O my soul. O LORD my God, you are very great; you are clothed with splendor and majesty.
2. He wraps himself in light as with a garment; he stretches out the heavens like a tent
3. and lays the beams of his upper chambers on their waters. He makes the clouds his chariot and rides on the wings of the wind.
4. He makes winds his messengers, flames of fire his servants.

24. How many are your works, O LORD! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.
25. There is the sea, vast and spacious, teeming with creatures beyond number-- living things both large and small.
26. There the ships go to and fro, and the leviathan, which you formed to frolic there.
27. These all look to you to give them their food at the proper time.
28. When you give it to them, they gather it up; when you open your hand, they are satisfied with good things.
29. When you hide your face, they are terrified; when you take away their breath, they die and return to the dust.
30. When you send your Spirit, they are created, and you renew the face of the earth.
31. May the glory of the LORD endure forever; may the LORD rejoice in his works--
32. he who looks at the earth, and it trembles, who touches the mountains, and they smoke.
33. I will sing to the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.
34. May my meditation be pleasing to him, as I rejoice in the LORD.
35. But may sinners vanish from the earth and the wicked be no more. Praise the LORD, O my soul. Praise the LORD.